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Shazam: Simple and clever.

04 November 2009no comments iPhone Apps

IMG_0046One of the main reason I got an iPhone was because of the music player that it uses. I love music, and can never get enough of it. When I am not listening to music on my iPhone, I usually listen to the radio. Now, if you’re anything like me, you probably never pay attention to the DJ when he announces the track. That is a problem when a song comes on and you would love to know the title. But fear not my friends as there is an app for that, and that app is Shazam!
As the title say, Shazam is very simple. When you start the application (whether it’s on iPhone, Blackberry, Android or even Symbian), you can checked your previously tagged tracks or tag a new one. Tagging a track is the process of recognising a track being played. And that is where Shazam is really clever. Press the Tag Now button, and if music is loud enough, it will pick it up straight away and try to recognise it. It first listens to the background music, sends it to one of the Shazam servers, which analyses the extract recorded and returns track information if it can find it.
Now, my favourite game has been to try to trick it and so far I haven’t been able to fault it.
This in itself makes Shazam a great application. The great thing is that Shazam is now also integrating a social media aspect to this app: you can already share your Tags on twitter, buy the tracks on iTunes, or view the video on YouTube. They have also developed new features only visible on the website like a Tag Chart and a list of the latest Tags. I would love to see this feature make it into the phone. And probably more as I think there is a lot of potential for turning this simple app into a more community application.

I believe that Shazam is a great utility. You may not use it all the time as you use an email application or the facebook app, but when you will use it, it will be difficult to fault it. I also love the fact that even though this is a well established application (Shazam started in 2002), there is potential to make it into a community app revolving around the tag which is, after all, only a song.

My Verdict: 5/5

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